Week #3: The Structure of the Studio

Before I continue with this journal I want to explain the environment of the office, all the people who work at Veneer, what their roles are and how the firm is structured. The office is pretty small and open. It has a very collaborative environment Continue reading


Week #11: 3rd Quarter Self Evaluation

I feel that I am well underway with achieving my main goals for the semester (experience the environment of a real design studio, get better at design and improve my social skills in a professional setting). Over the past few months at my third space I have learned a lot about how a design firm works and have become more comfortable in the office environment. I have always finished the tasks that Paige, or another member of the firm asks me to do, even if it means finishing them when I get home if I have to leave the office at a certain time to get to another extracurricular activity. Most of the tasks that I have been asked to do have not been very challenging, but did give me valuable exposure to the work that Veneer does and why Veneer’s work is important for a company. Continue reading