Week #2: Research Book #1

The first chapter of the non-fiction book Layout: the design of the printed page by Allen Hurlburt discusses historical influences on modern design. The chapter cites the main influences of modern design (modern as in the “modernist”¬†art¬†movement, not current design) Art Nouveau, Cubism, Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Constructivism, Art Deco, De Stijl and Bauhaus.

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Week #8: Info Graphic Research

This past weekend I worked a bunch on the Wishers and Dreamers website and published the new site! Check it out: I made the site very simple compared to the previous one. I am still working on the logo for Wishers and Dreamers and the mobile version of the site. The website was already set up using the website builder (which has a super annoying interface and was a pain to use! I like the WordPress website builder interface so much better).

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