Post Presentation Reflection

Here is a link to my final presentation:

I think my presentation went well overall even though it was pretty nerve wracking standing in front of so many people and talking. I am glad that I practiced my presentation several times before the actual presentation because it was easy to just go into autopilot and not think too much about what I was saying or the stressful situation. At first I was very nervous, but after the first couple of minutes I calmed down a little bit. Continue reading


Week #4: Business Cards

I realize that I never wrote about last Thursday (2/12/2015). When I got to the office EVERYONE was there. Usually there are more people in the office on Thursdays then on Mondays, but I have never been there when basically every employee was there. Everyone was in crunch mode, frantically working on things and talking on the phone. Continue reading


Week #9 and #10: Spring Break

On both Monday and Thursday at Veneer I helped Paige with two different formatting projects. I wrote earlier about the client that is starting an online education program and how Veneer’s first order of business was to come up with a name for the client. They finally narrowed it down to the top 30 best names and then Paige picked her personal top 7.

Continue reading