Week #6: Journal Review Reflection

This past week our WISE class had the opportunity to read each other’s journals and give each other feedback. I was in a group with 3 other people: Emily Burch, Virginia Loke and Elijah Stevana. Continue reading


Week #7: Research Book #2

Because I am not only interested in improving my design skills but also in learning about the structure and set up of a design business, I read the book The Business of Graphic Design by Ed Gold. This book was very different from the first one that I read because the first one focused on the history and technical aspects of design, whereas this one focused on the business aspects of design.

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Week #8: Info Graphic Research

This past weekend I worked a bunch on the Wishers and Dreamers website and published the new site! Check it out: www.wishersanddreamers.com. I made the site very simple compared to the previous one. I am still working on the logo for Wishers and Dreamers and the mobile version of the site. The website was already set up using the godaddy.com website builder (which has a super annoying interface and was a pain to use! I like the WordPress website builder interface so much better).

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Week #9 and #10: Spring Break

On both Monday and Thursday at Veneer I helped Paige with two different formatting projects. I wrote earlier about the client that is starting an online education program and how Veneer’s first order of business was to come up with a name for the client. They finally narrowed it down to the top 30 best names and then Paige picked her personal top 7.

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Week #11: 3rd Quarter Self Evaluation

I feel that I am well underway with achieving my main goals for the semester (experience the environment of a real design studio, get better at design and improve my social skills in a professional setting). Over the past few months at my third space I have learned a lot about how a design firm works and have become more comfortable in the office environment. I have always finished the tasks that Paige, or another member of the firm asks me to do, even if it means finishing them when I get home if I have to leave the office at a certain time to get to another extracurricular activity. Most of the tasks that I have been asked to do have not been very challenging, but did give me valuable exposure to the work that Veneer does and why Veneer’s work is important for a company. Continue reading


Week #12: Writing Lab Logo and Performers for Progress

I showed up to Veneer on Monday, no one from the Veneer team was in the office. Kat and Dina (members of the PR firm) where there and told me that the Veneer team was probably not coming into the office that day. I called Kiefer to confirm this and she apologized for not giving me a heads up. I was a little annoyed and disappointed that I had driven all the way out to North Berkeley just to have to drive home again, but I took the opportunity to check out this glassblowing shop that I always drive by but never have had time to go in. Continue reading

Week #13: Research Articles

The first research article that I read is titled “The Bottom Line Value of Design” and published on the well known blogging platform Medium by Jamie Skella. The article discusses the importance of good design in making a company successful. Skella cites many examples of prominent companies that would not have been successful without good design and user experience such as Uber. Continue reading