Week #5: The T-shirt Design

This weekend I worked a lot on the Wishers and Dreamers website. The two main things I want to change about the current Wishers and Dreamers site is the blue to white gradient in the background and the header with the links to the other pages.

Header: Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.14.09 PM


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.14.21 PM

These two elements of the website are part of the template and the only way to change them is to change the template. The only problem is that when you change the template, you lose all of the content that is already on the pages. This weekend I copied all of the text from the current website onto a document, saved all the pictures from the website onto my computer and wrote down all the important elements on each page so when I do change the template I don’t lose all the information that needs to go on the site. I also researched some of the templates to figure out which one would be the best for the site and worked on a new logo. Here is the logo so far but I’m not sure if its 100% finished:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.28.28 PM

For the new logo I used the same idea of the cursive lettering, blue font and each word stacked ontop of eachother as the old logo. Here is the old logo:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.30.17 PM

I want to condense the content from the Wishers and Dreamers site onto fewer pages. I also want to simplify some of the information that is repeated on several pages and move some of the information that seems out of place on one page to another page. Before I change the template I want to come up with a plan for what pages I will need to create and what will go where on each page so I can get the content back up as soon as possible.

I also want to find a better solution for the picture slideshows. Right now they look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.36.02 PM

I would like to find a format for a picture slideshow that is larger and more elegant. I am really excited to try my best to make these things happen, even with my little knowledge in web design.

This Monday at Veneer there was a meeting with some clients while I was there. The clients where mostly happy with all of the design work that Veneer had done for them, accept they were made that some of the content on one of their website’s pages was incorrect. Natale kept trying to say to them that she had only put the information that they sent her on the page but the clients insisted that it was wrong and needed to be changed. Although the client used a very harsh, almost rude tone of voice, Natale kept very calm and stayed very polite throughout the entire conversation. I think that this is very admirable because if it had been me, I might have lost my cool and gotten frustrated.

A summer camp called Camp Funderblast emailed Paige and asked her to design their camp t-shirt for this summer. Paige gave this task to me. Yay finally my own project! The client wants their logo, the year (2015) and the text “I’m a funderblaster” to go on the shirt.

Here is a picture of the logo:


Here is the picture of the shirt from last year:

shirt design3 copy

The client said that she really liked the font that they used last year, but I’m not sure if I’m such a fan. Paige told me to first look up t-shirt designs online and find some that inspired me, then make some sketches and then start working in Illustrator.

Here are some of the designs I have created in Illustrator:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.56.38 PM  Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.56.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.56.47 PM

The last one is my and Paige’s favorite so far but it does not use the typeface that the client liked and it used a simplified version of the logo. When I was at Veneer on Monday, Paige was super busy working with Kesten on a video and I found it really hard to approach her because I did not want to interrupt or get in the way. At the end I finally got up the courage to show her my ideas and she liked them. It was really nerve wracking because I do not like interrupting people, especially while they are very busy but I knew that I had to show her my ideas before I left. She asked me to keep working on the designs on Thursday but she didn’t specify what I needed to work on. I think I’m going to come up with a couple more ideas and play around with with different colors. I’m also unsure if I am responsible for finding a website for store that can print the designs or if there is a price limit for the ink per shirt.

On Thursday, everyone will be out of the office at a meeting so I am supposed to work on the t-shirt design at home and then send Paige my work. I will also work more on the Wishers and Dreamers website.


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