Week #6: Journal Review Reflection

This past week our WISE class had the opportunity to read each other’s journals and give each other feedback. I was in a group with 3 other people: Emily Burch, Virginia Loke and Elijah Stevana. Here are links to their journals:

Emily Burch: http://emilyburchwise.weebly.com/

Virginia Loke: http://vlokewise2015.blogspot.com/

Elijah Stevana: https://kahleoswisejournal.wordpress.com/

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to read other peoples journals and reflect on my own. Emily is interning at a veterinary hospital. I really liked all of the pictures that she used. Seeing the visuals really helped my understanding of what she was writing about. She also did a good job of reflecting on how seeing the animals declawed made her and the doctors feel. I also noticed that she described many different things in the same journal entry but did not go into too much detail about any of them. I think her journal would be stronger if she focused on one or two of the most important things that happened each day and described them in detail instead of listing everything that happened.

Virginia is interning at a bike repair shop. She did a really good job of reflecting on how the work and people around her made her feel, something I need to improve in my journal. Although the work at the repair shop sounds hard and the male dominated environment sounds uncomfortable, the reader is cheering for her to keep working and do well. Most of her writing is very clear but I got lost at some of the more technical descriptions of the bike parts. I think that adding more diagrams of the bike parts would enhance the reader’s understanding.

Elijah’s WISE project is about music. He has many elements to his project including an internship at a recording studio, going to a concert and making his own album. He really personalizes his journal by mixing in rap language and everyday slang. Most of the time this engaged my attention, but in a few instances it was unneeded and distracting. I like that Elijah took the time to explain the important experiences he had at his internship in detail and that he also explored tangents that related to the things he was doing at his internship. Elijah also asked me if I would be interested in helping him with his brand identity and graphic design work for his album! We haven’t had the opportunity to talk yet, but I am definitely interested in trying to add this side project to my WISE project. A couple months ago a friend of mine who is also interested in music asked me to help with a similar project, but we never ended up seeing it through because we were both very busy at the time. I am glad that another opportunity like it has come up during a time when I am less busy and have more time to focus on my design work.

In addition to observing what worked and what didn’t in other people’s journals, I also had the opportunity to receive feedback on my journal from my peers and evaluate my own journal. Over all, what I need to work on most is reflection. Often times in my journal I describe something that happened but do not include evaluations of what I learned from the experience or how it affected me. I also need to ask and answer more questions to provoke the thoughts of the reader and my own thoughts. The visuals in my journal were the strongest part. They were a nice break from the text and helped to explain concepts. Moving forward, I want to try to add more reflection and questions and continue to add many visuals.

I emailed Paige in the beginning of this week asking her what company we should use for the t-shirt design and she emailed the client to ask but hasn’t gotten a response yet. I know that printing lighter lettering on a colored shirt is more expensive than printing darker lettering on a white shirt so the client might ask us for a design with a white background. All the designs I have created so far would be fine with using a white background and colored text, but I think they would look better with a darker background and white text.

Paige wasn’t in the office on Monday so I wasn’t able to get any feedback from her on the t-shirt designs. Instead, I helped Kiefer with work for another client. The client is a new business that is just starting up so Veneer is helping it create its branding identity from scratch. Right now, they are still coming up with names for the company. The team at Veneer and the client had come up with a really long list of possible names (over 200!) and Kiefer and I went through the list and, under each name pasted its definition, any companies that had the same or similar name and any available domain names (url addresses). This work was pretty meticulous but it was interesting to see all of the domain names and company names that are already in use.

On Thursday, Paige was in the office and wanted to talk about the t-shirt design. Art critiques are generally pretty nerve racking because the people critiquing your work (art teachers and art directors) are usually not afraid to be brutally honest. I was especially nervous this time though because this was the first time that Paige had critiqued any of my design work so I had no idea what to expect. She ended up being very positive though and gave me some good ideas for more designs. She liked one of the designs that I showed her and said that we should definitely present that one to the clients. Here is a picture:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.56.47 PM

She also liked the concept behind another one of the designs but we both agreed that the execution wasn’t very strong and she gave me some cool ideas for how to make it better. I had originally tried to fit the words “I’m a thunderblaster” into part of the number 15 (for 2015) but she gave me the idea of writing the entire number 2015 and fitting many more words into it in a cool pattern similar to a lululemon bag. Its not done yet! but here is a picture of the work in progress to give you an idea:

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.26.18 PM

About two hours into working on this design I came to the realization that we would actually be showing these designs to clients and they could chose to use or not to use one of them. It is a little disappointing to know that all the time I’m spending on this design could be for nothing because the client could like another, simpler design more. At the same time, this idea is motivating me to try my best and make the designs as good as possible.

Another notable thing happened at Veneer today, Thursday. Earlier in this journal I think I mentioned that I thought Paige and Keston (the video editor) were married. Actually, Dina (the CEO of the public relations firm), is the one who is married to Keston! Oops! Today in the office Dina and Keston got into a small argument. I’m not really sure about what and they were pretty quiet about it, but I think it must be weird to work in the same office as the person you are married to. Disagreements about work related things could turn into disagreements about their marriage and vice versa. This sounds confusing and not like something I think I would want.


One thought on “Week #6: Journal Review Reflection

  1. Mr. Poling says:

    The graphic design and business content of your journal continues to impress, but I agree with your classmates and would like to see a bit more reflection. As you said, asking good reflective questions is the key to getting started. I’d love to develop some good questions with you, and I’m certain your mentor Trish would too. Stop by if you want to brainstorm some good questions to jump start the personal reflection in this otherWISE great journal.


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