Week #11: 3rd Quarter Self Evaluation

I feel that I am well underway with achieving my main goals for the semester (experience the environment of a real design studio, get better at design and improve my social skills in a professional setting). Over the past few months at my third space I have learned a lot about how a design firm works and have become more comfortable in the office environment. I have always finished the tasks that Paige, or another member of the firm asks me to do, even if it means finishing them when I get home if I have to leave the office at a certain time to get to another extracurricular activity. Most of the tasks that I have been asked to do have not been very challenging, but did give me valuable exposure to the work that Veneer does and why Veneer’s work is important for a company.

I have been keeping up with my journal every week, including lots of pictures and have tried to include more reflection about the impact of what I’m learning through my third space instead of just summarizing what happens. I have also been keeping up with my research and have found 3 books and read 2 of them. For the upcoming journal entry about media research materials I have watched a video about the history of typography, found a worthwhile documentary about the history of design (I haven’t watched it yet), watched an interview with Paula Scher (a famous designer) and found a podcast about good design called 99% invisible (I also have not listening to this yet). I will choose three of the four to write about for the journal entry. The research that I have done so far has given me interesting insight into the work at my third space.

I am maintaining good WISE relationships on campus with Mr. Poling and my WISE mentor Trish. Trish agrees that I am on track with my WISE progress and Mr. Poling approves of my writing. I am also becoming more comfortable with Paige, Natalie and Kiefer at Veneer and feel more comfortable asking them questions about the purpose of certain things they do and chatting with them.

Although I haven’t gotten to do too much actual design work at Veneer besides the camp t-shirt design, I am excited to work on my other design projects like Elijah’s branding material, Mr. Poling’s writing lab logo and continue working on the Wishers and Dreamers website. I am glad that I have the opportunity to work on projects like these and do design work that I enjoy. First semester, before I started my third space work, almost all of my design work was for my AP art class. This class is very demotivating because of its lack of organizing, constantly changing deadlines and the absence of applicable feedback on projects. The teacher also does not fully appreciate design as art and more highly values student work that is fine art (painting, drawing, sculpture, ect). My AP portfolio (the collection of work that is submitted to the college board for an AP test score) is not work that I’m very proud of because it was pushed in a fine art direction instead of the design direction that I originally intended, so it is nice to have other design projects that I can be proud of and feel motivated to work on. I look forward to continuing on my current WISE path until the end of the semester.

When I got to Veneer on Thursday, Paige was not in the office, but had sent me an email asking me to alphabetize a google document. I guess they had decided against using any of the top names that they had chosen two weeks ago for the online education company and were starting over with brainstorming MORE NAMES! I finished alphabetizing the document (32 pages of names, definitions, and existing trademark information!) and then moved on to help Kiefer and Natalie work on a website for a company called Vitality that promotes healthy living habits. When you type search words into google (or another search engine), google displays websites that contain these search words and usually shows a short description of the content on the website. I helped edit a part of the website that would make google searching for the pages more efficient. This included entering in keywords that will let search engines know to show the page if someone searches for that word, writing a summary of the page that the search engine can show under the link to the website and adding the same information plus a picture to another part of the website so that Facebook will automatically create a Facebook page with the title of the website page and the summary as the page description.

This week I also priced out how much it would cost to create all of the items that Elijah asked me to design. I’m not sure if he has any idea how expensive printing things like t-shirts is. Here is a screenshot of a chart that I created with the price breakdown:

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 2.44.11 PM

I am meeting with him this Wednesday so we can go over the prices together, and I have no idea what his reaction is going to be. He can definitely sell all of those items for more than we would be ordering them for, but the initial cost of ordering everything is pretty expensive for a high schooler. I do not have enough money to order those items or pay to register the website, so I think I am going to ask him to meet me, have him type in his credit card information and then order the items under his name. You also have to pay for website domain names every year, so that way he can keep renewing his domain name every year by himself instead of paying me each year.

I had a conversation with my dad about how much money I should ask Elijah to pay me for my design services and we ended up getting into an argument. My dad thought that he should be paying me $75 per hour, but that would add up to at least $3,000 if I work for 40 hours on this project. I think that is a lot to ask for if I do not have a college degree and a lot to ask a high schooler to pay, especially knowing that he has to pay a lot for printing everything. I ended up decided to charge $150 for designing all the merchandise, meeting with him and making any changes and then $10 per hour for any additional changes. For my web design services, I decided to charge $15 per hour. I don’t want to do a flat rate for the website design because I have no idea how complicated he is going to want his website to be and how many updates he will ask me to make.

I did some brainstorming and made some sketches for the logo for Writing Lab. Here they are (yes I know I forgot the R’s, they will be there in the final design):


I showed the designs to Mr. Poling, talked about them a little bit and now I am working on creating them on the computer.



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